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Dec 6, 2012 1:00am PST
consultants. mr. adelson is the subject of a big splashy interview today with "the wall street journal" that is chock-full of surprises. exhibit a, quoting mr. adelson, "look, i'm basically a social liberal. i know no one will believe that." clearly he wants you to believe that. he says he believes in stem cell research, and abortion rights. mr. adelson believes in the dream act for immigration reform. he believes in, this is a quote, socialized-like health care. "wall street journal" adding, quote, that he used to be a democrat, like most jewish americans, until he attended the 1988 democratic convention. he said he was appalled at the self-interested politicians he says were all over the place." just appalled. i'm sure politics and self-interest in the same place. if your irony meter just broke, it is because it appears the same sheldon adelson who says he rejected democratic politics because of self-interested politicians has become the single biggest donor in republican politics because of, yes, interest. for instance, mr. adelson's casino company is under investigation by the just
Dec 5, 2012 1:00pm PST
which i understand is what mr. adelson is reportedly planning to do? >> i'll tell you, this approach to trying to win your way into the political main stream is quite interesting. i guess if you have that kind of money, can you double down, so to spqb)k hedge your bets and go for what you don't know. the reality is if mr. adelson has that kind of cash, why not better create outlets to articulate his ideology beyond the political -- beyond the house and the senate and the republican nomination for presidency? in other words, why bet on mitt romney and eight governors who didn't win for you. he says he's in a business that pays dividends at some time but he doesn't want to change the political ideology of this nation. he wants to directly influence the decision makers over policy that will benefit his cronies. so it's not about the democratic process and about making this nation better. it's about getting your way and winning it and bullying it through your buck. if you got them, spend them. >> of course. he does have, i believe, $21 billion, according to forbes. >> that's a lot of dou
Dec 31, 2012 8:00am PST
here. mr. adelson, how much mon are you going to spend on the election? >> i did not touch her. she ran back into me. she just grabbed our camera. >> i know you were against the war in iraq, that is ok -- but you thought the war in afghanistan was -- was ok -- you thought that was worth doing. we did not check with the russians to see how they did there for 10 years. [laughter] but we did it. it was -- you know -- it was something -- to be thought about. >> when david koch sat down last night as a member of the u.s. delegation, i went over to ask a question. >> do you think unchecked concentration of wealth will undermine democracy? >> i could not quite hear you. i am deaf in one ear. >> we are not doing any interviews. >> president obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans. [laughter] [applause] and to heal the planet. [laughter] my promise is to help you and your family. >> one of the first acts of civil disobedience at the democratic national convention took place on tuesday just outside the time warner cable center. >> we are here to ask president obama, who we need a p
Dec 12, 2012 2:00pm PST
to push back on this? >> hum. yes. mr. adelson and these billionaires have declared war on the middle class, on the average american worker. they are out to destroy the lives of tens of millions of people. they don't give a rat's ass about any of this. so unless we get up off of the couch, and get active and get involved, they will win. now here's -- here's the good news. the reason why they have got to push this through in a lame duck session is because they know the they don't have the majority of michiganers with them. you don't try to suppress the vote if you think the majority of the vote is with you. if they thought was was a conservative country they would be doing the opposite. but they know their days are over. from gay marriage to now the majority of the american public believes that people should be able to marry the person they love and you have seen demographic stuff with the young voters. they are like two-thirds or three-quarters for all of these liberal things, they are for unions. they are for all of this stuff. i'm very optimistic about the futu
Dec 4, 2012 9:00am PST
there will be a giant cartoon hand knocking on mr. mr. adelson's door. >> vipers everywhere you look. >> stephanie: okay. we're just kidding. >> [ inaudible ] is lousy with vipers. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: okay. allison also -- >> that shakespeare statue vipers. >> stephanie: pure vipers. >> that statue of [ inaudible ]. made up of pure broken glass. >> broken glass. >> [ inaudible ] made of broken glass. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: adelson doled out $15 million to the coach brothers $6.5 million to the jewish coalition. he said he had been motivated to act because he felt vilified by the obama administration after his businesses were investigated. he is being unfairly prosecuted for bribing and money laundering. >> yes. hum. in most places that is considered a crime. >> stephanie: when i see what is happening to me and this company, that kind of behavior has to stop. >> stop pointing out the things i did. >> stop. >> stop it. >> stop it. [ laughter ] >> ann romney: stop it. >> stephanie: i love this part. adelson is scheduled to travel to washington, d.c. where he will meet
Dec 3, 2012 3:00am PST
governor, bob mcdonald, ohio governor john kasich all dropping by to talk to mr. adelson. ken vogel on politico's site has told adelson and friends he's looking for someone to run with executive experience. that's intriguing. that suggested he might be looking beyond paul ryan, beyond marco rubio to one of these governors. it's also happening on the democratic side, martin o'malley, one of the candidates who for sure wants to run is having a fund-raiser here in chevy chase, maryland, today. then he's going to be out in los angeles this week talking to big funders. another possible democrat, andrew cuomo, your governor there in new york, to be here in d.c. today talking to new york members and senators. >> never too soon to get started on 2016. mike allen with a look at the "playbook." thanks so much. >> have a great week. >>> coming up next on "morning joe" -- >> here we go. final seconds. luck steps. luck, a little flip, donnie avery, he's in! touchdown! indianapolis has done it! >> that is the rookie, andrew luck, engineering a last-second comeback against the lions. the indianapo
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)